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Marlin Lane Parking Dispute

There is an apparent dispute between the City of Virginia Beach and some Marlin Lane homeowners adjacent to Sandbridge Dunes.  The issue has to do with visitor parking along the north side of Marlin Lane -- from Sandfiddler Road down to the cul-de-sac. 

According to the City, visitor parking on Marlin Lane has always been allowed and the street signs say 'No parking on pavement'. However, visitors are unable to park on city property where homeowner-installed landscaping prevents someone from pulling off the pavement.  The City has notified these homeowners that their landscaping must be removed.  

According to some Marlin Lane homeowners, the street signs said 'No parking on this block' and these signs were recently changed to 'No parking on pavement'.  A petition was created requesting "the City of Virginia Beach discontinue its ongoing efforts to expand public parking on private property that adversely impacts Sandbridge Beach property owners."  The homeowners believe the street parking on the north side of Marlin Lane would be 'pull-in', i.e., perpendicular to the street rather than parallel. The petition can be found at this link.

This image from https://gisapps.vbgov.com/map/ shows the demarcation (thin yellow lines) between the homeowners' private property and the city right-of-way:


For more information, you may contact the following Sandbridge homeowners:

Misty Brownell

2469 Sandpiper Rd,



- or -

Marsha Krieghauser

304 Marlin Lane




The City point of contact is Brian Proctor, Civil Engineer, City of Virginia Beach-Public Works

2473 N. Landing Road-Bldg 23

Virginia Beach, Va. 23456