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Rental Guest FAQ

Q1: Are pets allowed?

Sandbridge Dunes has a NO pet policy. Service Animals are required to have certified documentation including veterinary records. This information needs to be forwarded from your rental agency to the Sandbridge Dunes Board of Directors.


Q2. Can I bring a car top / rear bumper hitch carrier?

Car top luggage carriers hard/soft will need to be removed from the vehicle prior to garage entry.

Rear luggage hitches need to be removed and stored at the unit storage or in front of the assigned parking spot.

Maximum clearance 6’4”. There are no unloading zones and minimal exterior West parking. Once removed the carrier can be stored in front of vehicle garage parking spaces or in front of the rented unit garage storage closet. Proceed inside garage to assigned parking space.


Q3. Do you provide luggage carts?

Luggage carts are not provided. It is best to bring a collapsible wagon.


Q4. Are there assigned parking spots?

The assigned parking spaces are all in the garage. Your rental agents should provide location maps. You must utilize your garage parking. All outer parking is designated for multiple vehicle guests and visitors.

* Oversized vehicle parking

  • This includes full-size trucks/SUVs with extended cab/ full bed. You will need to park outside either in the West lot, Marlin Drive, or in the public lot South of the community.
  • Maximum clearance 6’4”.
  • If you exceed you cannot get to the North exterior lot.


Q5. Is smoking allowed?

This is a total Non-Smoking property. No smoking in units, garage, stairwells, and walkways.


Q6. Can I grill on the balcony?

Only electric grills can be used on the balcony. There are stationary charcoal grills located on the West property. Keep electric grill a safe distance from the vinyl siding. If you see a gas or charcoal grill in use please report this to your rental agent.  We thank you for this.


Q7. What time does the pool close at night?

The pool closes at 10pm. This also coincides with when quiet time begins.


Q8. Do you have EV charging?

Electric vehicles are not permitted to park in the Sandbridge Dunes garage. (Period)

This includes lithium-Ion Hybrids and Lithium-ion bikes.  Electric bikes and any Segway toys are not permitted in the units. They are fire hazards.  Vehicles must be parked outside and away from the building. 

You will need to park outside either in the North or West lot, Marlin Drive, or in the public lot South of the community.


Q9. Where do we store our beach equipment?

Beach equipment can be stored in front of your vehicle or in/at your garage unit storage closet. 

Do not leave on the walkways at your unit. 


Q10. What do we do with our trash?

There are two trash receptacles located at the rear North entrance.

There is no recycling. Do not put any unit trash in the single trash cans located in the garage.


Q11. Is there housekeeping?

Housekeeping  is performed by the rental agency if needed after your arrival. If you have an accident exterior of your unit, please clean afterwards the best you can.  Report broken glass immediately.


 Q12. What time is check out?

Check out time is 10am unless otherwise specified by your rental company. You may not linger at the pool area or go to the beach. Move your vehicle from the premises, then enjoy the beach.


Q13. Can I bring bikes?

If you bring bikes do not bring an electric bike. Make sure your bike carrier clears the garage height. Maximum clearance 6’4”.

Bike carriers must be removed from the vehicle hitch and stored.

Bike racks are located in the SE and NW areas of the garage.


Q14. Who do I report maintenance issues to?

 Maintenance issues report to your rental agency. This includes accidents involving water.

 Especially (Overflow toilet. tub etc.…)


Q15. Do I need  to have a parking pass?

 Parking passes must be displayed from the rear-view mirror.  If you were not provided with enough request for additional. 


Q16. Where can I keep a towed trailer?

Trailers of any kind are not allowed to be kept on the community. There is no space.


Q17. If we rent a golf cart where can we plug it in to charge it?
Golf carts are not permitted on this property. If you rent a golf cart it must be parked off property. 
We recommend that you do not rent a golf cart.