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Nimmo Phase VIIA

Last updated:  7/5/2018

Sandbridge Road-Nimmo Phase VII-A is a City of Virginia Beach project that will make significant changes to Sandbridge Road.  This project will start just west of the realty companies on Sandbridge Road (i.e., where the city right-of-way meets Sandbridge Road) and run east to the Sandbridge traffic light (i.e., intersection of Sandbridge Road and Sandpiper Road).  This page has been created to inform Sandbridge Dunes unit owners of changes that are coming literally right up to our doorstep.

The most noticeable change for unit owners will be the changes to the intersection just outside our south garage entrance.  The scope of work at the intersection is the installation of new traffic signal poles, new pedestrian signals, and improved ADA-compliant pedestrian ramps.  A more comprehensive view of the project may be found at this link for the Virginia Beach Capital Improvement Program.

Currently, it is estimated that project construction will commence in 2022.  In the meantime, the city is working to have the design complete and the project “shovel ready” by summer 2019. That way if construction funding is appropriated earlier than expected, construction may begin any time after October 1, 2019. The city project manager for this project is Ryan Johnson.  His contact information can be found on the project status website

Note: Nimmo Parkway Phase VIIB will connect the west terminus of Phase VIIA to the existing Nimmo Parkway that terminates at Albuquerque Drive.  Click here to see the project status page for Phase VIIB.