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First Responders 2019

Photos contributed by Tom Haser (312)

The 4th Annual Sandbridge Beach First Responders Reception was held on February 18-19, 2018.  Please scroll to the bottom of this page to see the event photos (photos courtesy of Jane Stilley)

This year’s reception was the biggest and best yet.  Many people in our Sandbridge Community asked if they could participate.  Thanks to their contributions, we had over 35 donors provide over $2,000 in cash, plus food, to a two-day reception that was enjoyed by over 40 First Responders and over 50 donors and contributors from our Community.  We had drawings for door prizes for our first responders (certificates to local restaurants totaling $400.00).  Sandbridge Dunes owner Russ Smith dazzled the attendees with a variety of magic tricks, and the bonding and partying continued well past the dinner hour on each day.

The Virginian Pilot covered the event in several articles on February 8 and February 13.

Next year’s First Responders Reception is scheduled for January 6-7 2020.  

This year's event was funded entirely through donations (no homeowner association funds were used).  Here is a list of event benefactors:

Jean Siebert

Rich DelaMendaire

Lawana Evans

Ken Leach (Banditos)

Martha (Simply Steamed)

Fran & Dave (The Market)

Anne Jones

Larry & Greta Stallings

Joshua Pretlow

Emilie Palmer

Charlie & Kathy Kelly

Beth & Dan Kirby

Bradford & Cameron Construction

Russ & Sue Smith

Carol & Ron Miller

Louise Ryder

Dianne & Phil McGillvary

Jim Bracco & Madelyn Creedon

Cheryl Calores & John Spallone

David & Joan Hoopengardner

Marilyn Butler

Katie & Kevin O’Neill

Chandler Dennis

Kathleen & Keith Hettel

Kathy & Lee Gause

JoAnn Madren

Chuck & Sherri Mullins

Doug & Tae Macdonald

Jerry Cox

Ann & Bob Bohannon

Rachel & Patrick McNulty

Jane Stilley (Photography)

Marnie Titsch

Jane Pfeiffer

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